March 25, 2013

Have You Backed Up Your Facebook Posts Lately?

The links, photos, videos, and likes you upload to Facebook are a wonderful record of what you've been thinking, feeling, and doing, but what if it were to suddenly be lost? Facebook changes, Facebook errors, or even hackers could destroy your access to your account's Facebook history.

Following these steps is a simple way to make sure you've got a record of everything you've shared:

To back up what you've shared on your personal page, click here:

To back up "expanded data" about your account click here:

Facebook will then notify you when your downloads are ready.

And while there is currently no way to back up a Facebook Page's updates, here's a work-around trick:

  • Click on Edit Page
  • Click on Activity Log
  • Keep scrolling down until you reach either your Page's first post, or the point at which you want to start saving
  • On your browser, select "Save Page As" and save it as "Web Page, complete"
Nothing lasts forever -  remember Friendster? - so backing up Facebook is a good way to make sure you save those pictures of your iced cappuccino for the Ages.

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